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natural birth education

Before I created the course, I produced a video commercial to introduce the new brand for their social media marketing campaign. The target audience is young mothers ages 21-35 who are committed to natural alternatives.

A Natural birth course

Overview: A passion project for mothers seeking non-medicated birth alternatives.The objective is to alleviate fears and anxieties centered around having a positive birth experience by building a plan to have little to no medical interventions.

Date: April 2022

Skills: Instructional Design, eLearning Development, Graphic Design

Tools: Articulate Stroyline 360 | Adobe XD | Adobe Illustrator | MindMiester | Vyond

problem & SOLUTION

Goal: The client wanted to create an educational platform utilizing a digital course. The concept for this project stemmed from receiving lots of interest and inquiries from mothers on how to begin preparing for a natural birth without the use of epidural.

Problem: Unfortunately, this healthier, trending alternative is often met with fear and anxieties rooted in myths and lack of education. Frequently asked questions involved birth location recommendations, nutritional tips, doula scouting, pain level expectations, and postpartum support. 

Solution: I consulted with the client about different options, but they ultimately wanted a course that focused most on engagement, rather than an information dump. Getting the learner past the fears of the actual day of birth was the biggest concern in order to offer a different product than competitors. A scenario-based digital course was proposed to walk mothers through real-life moments that would prepare them for the big day.



This project involved the full spectrum of instructional deign and e-learning development phases including:

  • Creating The Action Map
  • Consulting with SMEs
  • Writing the Text-based/Visual Storyboard
  • Designing the Wireframes/Visual Mockups
  • Developing the Prototype & Animation Videos
  • Finalizing the Full Course Development
  • Publishing to Learning  Management System

Action map & storyboard

I also consulted with the SMEs about the best learning methods for the audience and asked the right questions about things they may not have considered such as risks involved in order to creatively prepare for building a story line of things that may happen that aren’t planned. Together, we developed an action map.

I then created a clear and simple text-based storyboard for on-screen text including prompts, programming notes for interactions, and consequences for different user choices using Google Docs, which was easy for collaboration, organization and review for quick changes. After adjusting and finalizing the storyboard, I used Adobe XD & developed visual mock-ups for the scenario-based format.


Scenario & interactions

In the course scenario, each learner experiences a variety of interactions including drag and drop tasks that requires the learner to actively create unique outcomes. For example, dragging specific items to include in the birthing space.

In the experience, the learner can seek support from a doula named Rachel, who serves as the mentor through each step of preparation within the scenario to closely mirror real-life support.

One of the company’s goals is to be established as a trusted and reputable education platform. It was crucial for the course to offer a form of certification for mothers to show as credentials. I  created a custom certificate for the birthing partners. Upon completion of the course, it leads them to a slide that asks them to type in their name and click a submit button that generates a PDF certificate.


testing & iterations

I conducted final testing by having the client, SME (doula & midwife), and a small pool of learners participate by completing the scenario-based eLearning experience. I wanted every person who would interact with the learning experience to provide feedback from the learning experience.
The feedback provided from the testing helped make final adjustments to the course before it was launched to the Learning Management System.

Additional feedback from the testing consisted of slide & graphic tweaks, certificate functionality for direct download, and adjustments to the flow in the scenario.


Storytelling Scenarios: I enjoyed creating the scenarios and graphics to act as a visual guide for the learner as they went through the experience. As I created the supporting images to accompany the drag and drop interactions, I tried to play on relevant connection-making with the item choices.
User Experience:This project has pushed me to expand my skills in Storyline360. To go one step further and be able to capture quiz-like feedback after testing has been a great experience. It has allowed us to see where the learner needs some support and use the mentor option to help them in their learning.


Data & Assessment: xAPI would be enabled in future updates to collect data and learn what the most successful parts of the course were in order to improve the learning experience.



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