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Joslyn Pickens

Currently residing in Atlanta, observing, studying, and celebrating everyday life metaphysically through digital and mixed media.

These abstract design and subtle narratives are often inspired by femininity, anxiety, nature, and social culture aiming to remind viewers to express more, appreciate life, ask more questions, relax, and maintain enthusiasm about life’s highs and lows.

I am most connected to my creative power through a feeling that I’ve learned to identify as Spirit. When it comes, it comes with pressure… Good pressure. In the midst of this pressure, I create. I have to. And I do so with passion and curiosity.

I’m interested in telling stories of everyday life and the unseen, bringing to the surface what we already know, but don’t realize. Strong observations of my daily life have given me much understanding of Self and it is this empowering realization I hope to awaken in others.

We deal with ourselves eternally and forever, even beyond physical life. I believe the least we can do is to get to know Self a little bit more. (a whole lot more) and then we will see just how beautifully created we are…. how strong we are, how connected we are, how powerful we are, and how infinite we can be.